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"Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple." ― Steve Jobs

For over twenty years Wandering Star has created user-friendly software solutions for business and home use. In addition to the Star Analyzer programs detailed below, we create custom software for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Andriod devices.

Star Analyzer  

Star Analyzer is the most intuitive real estate investment analysis program on the market. With help available at every step, complex investment calculations are made easy, whether you are a beginning investor or a seasoned professional.

You will have confidence in your investment decisions by knowing the Cap Rate, GRM, Cash on Cash, Before and After Tax Cash Flow, Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, and other important investment indicators over the lifetime of your property.

View up to forty years of investing calculations, in monthly or annual, and spreadsheet or graphical views, and you export the spreadsheet to Excel for further processing.

The quality printed and PDF reports and colorful 3-D charts give you and your customers the information needed to make buying decisions.

Rehab analysis is simple because you can enter multi-year income and expense data and unit mixes for both Residential and Commercial properties.

Whether you are new to the business, or have been investing for years, Star Analyzer will make your investing decisions a breeze.

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My Campaign Software

Thought you couldn't afford a campaign manager? Think again!
My Campaign Software is the simple, inexpensive solution for your grass roots campaign needs.

  • Save detailed information on all your contacts and organizations.
  • Automatically send personalized e-mail and letters.
  • Track your contributions and campaign expenses.
  • Import your current contact lists with ease.
  • Import AmeriCan Registered Voter Lists
  • Individually schedule tasks and appointments.
  • Actions plans automatically schedule contacts with your client lists.
  • Social networking portal keeps supporters in touch and in the loop.
  • Fully networkable for up to ten concurrent users.

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